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MAmp01b Dual universal differential amplifier

MAmp01b  Dual universal differential amplifier
  • two independent amplifiers
  • high input resistance
  • adjustable offset
  • gain up to 1000, depending on application
  • wide range of power supply 1030 VDC
  • can be used for
    • load cells
    • resistive thermometers
    • amplification of low frequency signals


MAmp01b is dual universal unipolar differential amplifier with high input resistance. Can be used for amplification of low frequency signals eg. from load cells at level suitable for AD converter.

Gain is adjusted by choosing value of resistors during manufacturing. Gain in working area is nearly linear. Absolute desired accuracy is achieved by callibration. Amplifier offset can be adjusted by trimmer resistor.

Each amplifier has built-in voltage regulator which can be used for supplying resistor bridge or load cell.

Module is mounted in plastic box which snaps-on to DIN TS35 rail system.

Technical parameters

  • Number of independent channels: 2
  • Power supply voltage: 1030 VDC
  • Current consumption: 10 mA with unconnected output
  • Input resistance: min. 10 MOhm
  • Voltage for supplying outer circuits: 6 VDC
  • Gain: normally 330, max. 1000, adjusted during manufacturing
  • Output voltage range: 0.15 V
  • Accuracy: 2 %
  • Stability: 0.1 %
  • Operating temperature: 050 C